APRIL 21st • DAY 7


Alpha Rho Chi (APX) at Miami University is a National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the Allied Arts. We largely focus on our professionalism by hosting workshops, attending firm visits and holding panels.
In this time of digital learning and uncertainty, it has been difficult to create the way we are used to. Like any entrepreneur, we decided to take this opportunity to pivot, and try something new. Rather than creating and designing human homes, check out our bird houses!


APRIL 21th • DAY 7




APRIL 20th • DAY 6


Through moving the physical body, we can begin to open up the mind to allow the free flow of creativity.
All yoga poses target different parts of the body and states of awareness. When you practice strengthening those physical parts of yourself you also strengthen those states of awareness.

Unleash your own creativity through building your own sequence of poses, holding each pose for 3-5 deep steady breaths. 

Everyone's body functions differently. The goal is not to form each pose exactly, the goal is to target those different physical and conscious states to strengthen and develop them.


Poses that work with your hips allow you to strengthen the flow of your creativity and confidence

Below are 4 poses that work on opening your hips. 

Poses that work with your chest relates to opening your heart, to then open yourself up to accepting the ideas from yourself and others without judgment. 

Below are 5 poses that are chest expansions. 

Poses that work with your legs and lower pelvic are connected to grounding your mind and energizing your body, allowing you to be fully present in that moment.

Below are 8 poses that are grounding and/or energizing. 

Watch this video for some inspiration if you’re feeling stuck, and check out this playlist for some music to flow too!

Yoga and Meditation Club is an organization meant to provide all Miami students with access to the mental and physical health benefits of yoga, as well as educate students about the rich culture behind the practice of yoga.  We do this by offering free weekly yoga classes at Root Yoga that are available to any Miami student.


APRIL 19th • DAY 5


APRIL 18th • DAY 4



APRIL 17th • DAY 3


C4 Ignite your creative fire play to ignite
C4: Ignite your Creative Fire What is c4? a quick way to practice a few critical creative skill helps to improve events, parties, opportunties, life events etc finds new ways to do things, whle pushing you creative boundarie start by dertermining the problem you wish to tackle c1: the more proposition identify what is going to change customize the prompt to make you 'more proposition'- "how can I make(insert issue) more (adjective)?" You can use adjectives like fun, imaginative, memorable, attractive, exciting, or colorful- choose whatever adjectie you want! You first idea will not be the best an most likely won't be the right answer, either! C2:Collection Write down every idea tha pops ino your head, no matter creative, crazy or wacky they may seem write down asmany ideas as you can! Good ideas come from coming up with tons of ideas! Don't judge the ideas when you're writing down-great creativty comes with risk! C3: Choose in this step you will start to choose your idea by asking ques

APRIL 17th • DAY 3



How to Style sweatpants in 5 ways features various stylings with the how many different outfits can you come up with

Miami University Fashion & Design (MUF&D), is Miami University’s largest student organization with over 550+ members. The organization provides its members real-world experience through 40+ professional and creative development opportunities per year. Their most notable contribution being the largest student-run fashion show in the nation.  


MUF&D’s mission is to cultivate passionate, creative student leaders so that we may, collectively, strengthen the movement of fashion and design as a way of expression. And for WCIW, they are doing just that! Check out their video on how you can spice up your everyday quarantine looks with, you guessed it - sweatpants!

APRIL 17th • DAY 3


How to Style sweatpants in 5 ways features various stylings with the how many different outfits can you come up with

APRIL 16th • DAY 2




When most people hear the word creativity they think of artists or authors, not investors. When you think of creativity you probably don’t think of business model canvas or seed capital. I’m here to challenge that. 


We have created the first undergraduate-led social impact fund in the nation. Graduate students at top MBA schools have created social impact funds, however, this has never been done at the undergraduate level. 


We saw two key problems - a lack of critical seed capital to early-stage social entrepreneurs in the ecosystem and a lack of impact investing knowledge in the ecosystem. How could we bring funding and knowledge? 


We did what any good creator does. We questioned the existing status quo and made connections to solve these problems. We looked at graduate programs that are teaching impact investing to students. We looked at impact investors and how they assess startups for seed capital. We learned as much as we could from experts in the field. We took bits and pieces from universities and investors to create a model that fits our fund. 


Now that the fund is up and running, we are in version 1.0. We are aware that we will continue to adapt and iterate, like any good prototype. What is important is that we gathered as much information as we could and we were not afraid to fail. We knew the road would be bumpy, but it always is when you are doing something new. 


We went from having an idea on a paper to 10 impact investing trained students, four key partners with groups such as Wharton Social Impact Initiative, a process for making investment decisions and a curriculum to train undergraduates. These efforts have resulted in an impact investment in a women-founded Cincinnati startup as well as in establishing the fund’s path for years to come. 



Creativity looks different no matter where you are, who you are, or what you do. At its core, creativity is problem-solving. It is challenging the status quo, looking at problems and solutions through a different lens, and making connections across sectors and industries. 


I challenge you to look at your original definition of creativity, look at your responsibilities, and see where creativity can revolutionize the work you are doing. Look to see how you can ask better questions to lead to better decisions and how you can take the knowledge around you to create something completely new!

APRIL 15th • DAY 1



Our organization focuses on game design as a whole. We help teach members how to create different types of games, find a place to get feedback and provide opportunities to play-test games. During the year we help create escape rooms for League of Geeks' events, hold a number of game jams, create life-sized games, and much more.


All levels of experience are welcome. We are extremely friendly to both new people and non-gamers who might be interested in joining the club for purposes of digital/physical art, crafts, programming, business, sound/music, play-testing, design and people who just want to have fun!


Hello Everybody! This semester the Miami Game Design Club was planning on having a Game Jam in person, but we have decided to move it online given the circumstances. 


We are going to be holding an online Game Jam on Saturday April 18th, beginning at noon and ending Sunday April 19th. We are going to shoot for 6pm end time on Sunday, but this does not need to be the last time you are able to work on your game by any means if it still interests you. ALL are welcome and encouraged to join. No need to be from Miami and no need to have experience.

Attendees are able to make whatever game they want as long as it ties in with the theme that we are going to announce when the Game Jam begins. It can tie in as loosely as the group chooses. Attendees can work in groups of however many that they want, and can use any platform that they choose. By the end, our goal is to submit all of the games to the same itch.io site so they can be easily played again in the future. 

 The Itch page can be found at this link:



We are going to be holding as much of the event as we can on our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/HvsDZtK. We will allow anybody to hop in early and ask questions too if you still need answers. We will be adding more Game Jame friendly features to our discord to make sure that Attendees will not need to swap services. More details about game submissions will be provided on itch.


On Saturday, we are going to gather at noon and give out the theme. As soon as we give out the theme, we will let people go and break into groups as they desire. After that we are going to be giving the different groups numbers so we can keep them apart. After that, we are going to be letting the attendees work until Sunday at ~6pm, when we will submit as many of the games as possible and play one another’s games. We will keep submissions open for plenty of extra time. Do not feel rushed, we want this to be fun. If your team cannot make 6pm there is no penalty.

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