Small Pox Vaccine

 Anna Whiteside


 Max Lanum

Einstein's Brain

Brandon Hall

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30 Second University 

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Bottle Cork

 Matt Huber

Arm Wrestle


Emus vs. Australia

 Matt Huber

Six-Word Story Challenge

Six-word Miami stories. Good luck.

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Evan Laslo

Under Upham Arch, they might kiss.

Evan Laslo

Hurry! Pulley's closes in ten minutes.

Evan Laslo

Bagel and Deli and Beer and...

Evan Laslo

Miami Mergers donate happily ever after.

Evan Laslo

You may have other classes, but—

Evan Laslo

Hit the books? Hit the bars?


Wait, was that paper due today?

Evan Laslo

Time to study, after this episode.

Evan Laslo

Down in dumps. We go Uptown.

Heather Rolfert

Walking and walking... Am I there?

Evan Laslo

The best notes are open notes.

Evan Laslo

Hockey game tonight. Free shaved ice.


Toast my rolls, green my beer.

Evan Laslo

8 a.m. Geology lab doesn't rock.

Matt Huber

When in doubt, bet on redhawk! 

Cortlin Morris

Texan at Miami, this  snow sucks“

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