APRIL 20th • DAY 6


Creating Your Best Workspace

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Akosua Boadi-Agyemang started #theBOLDJourney with just one simple LinkedIn post. She wrote her post about her struggles through the hiring process and tagged the CEO of Microsoft. Three months later, she landed an internship with Microsoft. Akosua learned to be authentic, uncomfortable, and BOLD. 


Akosua was born and raised in Francistown, Botswana and came to Miami to seek a higher education. She recently graduated last year with a Bachelor of Science with an Accounting major and a Human Capital and Management & Leadership minor. 

APRIL 19th • DAY 5



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Failing Forward Into Your Own Success

Beth Troy is currently a Creativity and Innovation Instructor for the First-Year Integrated Core and spearheaded the Women in Entrepreneurship courses in the John W. Altman Institute of Entrepreneurship. She is also the faculty advisor for the student organization, Advancing Women in Entrepreneurship (AWE).

In her free time, Beth has a passion for creative writing. She is a self-publishing author that published her first book, Lu, back in 2017. Beth is currently in the works of publishing her second book in the summer of 2020.

APRIL 18th • DAY 4



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Finding the Courage to Show Up

Caroline Lunne is an entrepreneur and student of creativity. She is a Junior Marketing and Entrepreneurship student in the Farmer School of Business. Caroline also has a minor in Fashion and spends most of her time in Miami University Fashion and Design (MUF&D). 


In 2018, Caroline started a side-hustle called Resurrected Collective. Resurrected Collective is a community that empowers individuals to live authentically and with the power of faith. Caroline designs stickers, jewelry, and journals. She even writes creative content through their Instagram and blog.

APRIL 17th • DAY 3



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Cultivating Bigger and Better Ideas

Dr. Michelle Stecker is currently a Creativity and Innovation Instructor for ESP103 in the FYIC. She focuses on teaching human-centered design thinking tools to inspire entrepreneurial thinking within her students, nonprofits, and businesses.


Dr. Stecker has also done research in nonprofit sustainability, innovation, and social entrepreneurship in the U.S. and in developing countries around the world. She has a passion for working on the most pressing social issues to create innovative solutions.

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APRIL 16th • DAY 2


 Using Empathy to Truly Understand a Problem

Esther Ladipo is a Farmer School of Business Alumni, Partner Manager at Facebook, and CEO/Founder of Ranowo. Ranowo is a community crowdfunding platform for nonprofits focusing on the African American and Latinx communities. This allows individuals to buy tangible products that nonprofits need in order to make an impact. 


After journeying across the country working for various nonprofits within six weeks, Esther discovered the need for giving tangible goods to help transform the way we give. With Ranowo, the landscape for giving to nonprofits makes donating feel accessible and genuine.  

APRIL 15th • DAY 1


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Transforming a Passion into a Company

Akinda Johnson graduated from Miami in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Studies and a minor in Fashion Entrepreneurship. Akinda started her own luxurious, sustainable swimwear line throughout her time at Miami.


She was able to launch her company after completing the Redhawk Accelerator course in Cincinnati, Ohio. Akinda Co. offers one-piece swimsuits perfect for a day at the beach that transition to bodysuits fitting for an evening dinner.

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