APRIL 19th • DAY 5

Providing a Welcoming Space

for everyone in the Oxford community is what "You're Fired" is all about! This paint your own pottery studio is unlike any that you have seen before. The staff and everyone who comes in instantly becomes part of one big family where they can freely express their creativity through painting.

"You have to have a love for something to make it really, really work"

-Lisa Leishman, Owner

How it all Began

Context of root yoga in a pandemic

Lisa Leishman is the current owner of You're Fired. She took one of the biggest risks of her life by quitting her former job to go work with her friend at the pottery studio. She has had experienced the studio from all perspectives, she was first a customer, then an employee and now the owner of You're Fired for thirteen consecutive years.

Problem Solving

Thinking of different solutions for problems that you come across in life is putting your creativity and innovation in play. When Lisa came across one of these problems with her business, she quickly jumped into action. When that didn't work, she took some advice from a friend and got creative, resulting in a boost for her business!

woman explaining how buisness came to her for root yoga

Fun Events: You'e Fired hosts different TV Show/Movie themed nights, which attract many people!

APRIL 18th • DAY 4


The Opportunity 

to become the owner of Root Yoga was presented to Emily Bufler by two Miami graduates who had previously owned the studio. The business went from being an empty building to becoming the best-known yoga studio in Oxford. 

"Being open to creativity and innovation fosters possibility"

-Emily Bufler, Owner

Coming to the Business

woman explaining how buisness came to her for root yoga

Overcoming a Pandemic

Context of root yoga in a pandemic

Sticking to Excellence 

"Allowing my instructors to use their own creativity and feel comfortable coming to me...," Emily says when speaking about how her business is functioning after a change of setting. Root Yoga maintains a culture of excellence even while doing something new such as online classes and workshops.

Sticking to Excellence 

When asked about why she believes creativity and innovation are important aspects of our lives and why they should be celebrated, Emily mentioned that her main reason is to "keep life fresh and avoid things getting stale." She encourages changing how things are done in order to see different results. "Being open to creativity and innovation fosters possibility and the idea that there is a better, brighter future out there."

A better and brighter future is exactly what the world needs right now. Creativity and Innovation do not only function to help businesses like Root Yoga thrive in moments like these, but can also help the Oxford community make a better future for themselves.



I am creative business challenge yoga routine

APRIL 15th • DAY 1


Why Art?

A Community Driven 

organization whose building was first known as the historically acclaimed Oxford College for Women. The OCAC is a space for arts and creativity for individuals, as well as other arts organizations. They value the collaborations that they have with other local arts organizations, nonprofits, and businesses in Oxford, Ohio.

"We are the hub in our community for the arts in many forms..."

-Caroline Crosswell, Executive Director

woman explaining why art is great

The Essence of the Center

woman explaining the essence of creativity at the center

The Oxford Community Arts Center houses resident artists who are given the space and opportunity to make, as well as display their artwork. The Arts Center also hosts many different art and community-based classes, ranging from adult ballroom to visual art classes for children.

During this time, the Oxford Community Arts Center is taking on social media at full force and is even joining challenges like "See Hearts, See Hope" and "Teddy Bear Hunt" to keep the community engaged and united.

Improvisational Possibility

performance event at oxford community center

This is an example of one of the many performance events that OCAC hosts.



ballet dance with various women

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