It’s a week-long celebration in honor of World Creativity and Innovation Week that provides opportunities to learn and practice inventive and expressive creativity.

Learn more about World Creativity and Innovation Week/Day here.


What is it? 

Creativity City exists to ignite   the creative fire in everyone

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Who is it? 

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Creativity City involves all students, faculty, and people in the Miami University community. Regardless of college, major, minor, or area of study Creativity City is open to all. 

In 2014, Dr. Jim Friedman challenged his class to celebrate World Creativity & Innovation Week. Since then, Creativity City has been celebrated on Farmer's front lawn, online, and across campus. Every year Creativity City looks a little different because we are always improving and innovating. Check out last year's Creativity City!

How it started 

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Go visit Creativity City 2020

A special thank you to this year's sponsors and partners who helped make this possible.

Thank You!

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